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Revenue Growth,


Using the Summit All-in-One Clinic Growth System, you can grow your clinic automatically, and build immediate recurring revenue, without wasting countless hours on trying and testing unreliable strategies. With rapid set up and implementation, it's the clinic growth solution you have been looking for. It's time to stand out from your competitors and become #1.

Using The Summit All-in-One Clinic Growth System You Can...


Double Your Speed To Capturing Leads

Immediately get more people finding you online AND stop missing out on conversations! Streamline all your communication in one place so that you can double your speed to lead and fill your pipeline!

Automatic Nurturing

Nurture Your Leads Automatically

Get up to an 80% response rate from your leads and customers with our powerful automation campaigns that interact across multiple channels, powered by our AI System, trained on your practice

Cima's AI Conversion System

Instantly Fill Your Calendar

Say goodbye to missed sales opportunities, and stop wasting time on tedious, repetitive tasks. Feel confident that your customers are being taken care of 24/7.

Unlike hiring a receptionist or paying a full-time employee, our AI Bot and System, trained on YOUR practice, generates predictable results, void of human error.

Patient Journey

Automate the patient journey

Completely customized and automate your patients' journeys and experience with your practice, in order to deliver perfect and consistent patient experiences, and save your staff an immense amount of time previously spent on repetitive tasks.

Industry Leading Database Reactivation

Keep Customers Coming Back

Repeatedly and consistently get patients coming back with automated, proven Database Reactivation campaigns. Your patient database is a treasure trove of recurring revenue, and our system automates the generation of that revenue.

Create new, irresistible offers every month.

Exponentially Grow with Referrals

Get New Referrals Automatically

Completely customized and automate your patients' journeys and experience with your practice, in order to deliver perfect and consistent patient experiences, and save your staff an immense amount of time previously spent on repetitive tasks.

Reviews and Response

Automate the Google and Facebook Review Process

Automatically obtain and respond to online reviews and the perfect time, all from within the Summit All-in-One Clinic Growth System Platform.




AND Get Our Industry Leading Suite of Marketing Systems...Included at NO ADDITIONAL COST


AI Sales System

24/7 Personalized Powerhouse: Forget one-size-fits-all solutions. Our chatbot is trained on your clinic's unique needs, offering hyper-personalized interactions that engage and nurture leads around the clock. It's like having a top sales rep who never sleeps. We can even book appointments without leaving the chat.


The Cima AI Marketing System

AI Digital Marketing Content Creation System to Grow Your Practice Immediately. Put a system in place to create perfectly crafted content automatically, designed to bring patients through the door. Get your time back, while making your revenue go up!


AI Marketing System

Use Cima Growth Solutions to book appointments for you so that you can focus on what matters the most, closing deals.


The Cima Social Media System

The Ultimate Social Media Swiss Army Knife: Schedule posts in advance, customize content for each platform, and add unlimited accounts—all from one powerhouse dashboard. It's like having a full-scale social media agency at your fingertips, without the hefty price tag.


The Cima Communication System

Universal Reach, Laser Focus: SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, WhatsApp, Email, Webchat—you name it, we integrate it. Our shared inbox allows your entire staff to stay in the loop, ensuring that no patient ever falls through the cracks.


The Cima Automation System

Streamline operations and sales with Intelligent Marketing Automation, so that you can focus on your clinic and let the marketing engine work. Stop doing things manually that can easily be automated


The Cima Customer Service System

Zero to Hero, Instantly: Think you need a marketing degree to launch a killer strategy? Think again. With our comprehensive system, you'll go from novice to pro instantly—no prior knowledge required. Plus, get unlimited live onboarding calls to ensure you and your team hit the ground running.


The Cima STATS System

See all of your stats in great detail, from Google Analytics, to ads, to call tracking, lead conversion, and more. Do A/B Testing of landing pages, emails and more. What gets measured matters!


The Cima Mobile App

Close prospects on-the-go with our mobile app, respond to leads, track statuses, complete reminders, and more.

Seamless Integration With 2000+ Tools

Integrate Cima Growth Solutions With Tools You Already Love

With Our Custom Integration And Zapier!

Join 3,800+ Happy Cima Growth Solutions Customers!

Brandon and his team at Cima Growth Solutions have gone above and beyond to make our business grow exponentially in such a short amount of time. Their ability to provide personal and continuous support has been life changing for our company. Their expertise in the clinical and Healthcare arena has allowed us to target our audience in a very strategic and effective manner. Brandon can quite possibly be the smartest person we have ever worked with. He works tirelessly to make sure we are seeing results and most importantly Brandon is genuinely in this line of work to save lives in the clinical setting and he uses his genius expertise in marketing to accomplish this. It is an honor and our greatest pleasure to work with Brandon at Cima Growth Solutions.


Suzie Robertson

Chambers Clinic

This growth platform for clinics incredible. The platform is easy to use and has a wealth of resources and tools that have helped us exponentially. The marketing automation features are especially helpful, and the analytics dashboard provides valuable insights into what's working and what's not. The Cima team is also top-notch. The team behind the platform is incredibly responsive and always willing to go the extra mile. If you're looking to take your clinic to the next level, this is the platform for you. Highly recommend!


Shalistar Young

American Embryo Adoption Agency

Brandon is absolutely one of a kind and a major game changer for our practice. His expertise in our field is remarkable and he’s always very delightful and engaging with us all. I highly recommend you use his services to support your own professional growth!


Jayme Bess

Center for Reproduction and Gynecology

Plans For Clinics Of All Sizes

Included with all plans

  • Unlimited Local Numbers

  • Unlimited 24/7 Support

  • 1,000 Emails

  • 1,000 Texts

  • 1,000 Voice Minutes

  • Unlimited Contacts

  • Unlimited Calendars

  • Unlimited Chats

  • Unlimited Funnels

  • Unlimited Automations

  • Unlimited Campaigns

  • 100s of Pre Built Automation Templates

  • Unlimited Automation Creation


  • All Features Included

  • Live, Personalized Onboarding

  • All Marketing Systems Included

  • FREE Monthly Funnel Templates Delivered FOR You

  • FREE Monthly Ads Templates Delivered for You

  • FREE Monthly Social Media Templates Delivered for You

  • FREE Lifetime Access to All Online Marketing Courses

  • Month by Month, no Long Term Contract

  • $997 One Time Set Up Fee



Our Most Popular Plan

  • All Features Included

  • Live, Personalized Onboarding

  • All Marketing Systems Included

  • FREE Monthly Funnel Templates Delivered FOR You

  • FREE Monthly Ads Templates Delivered for You

  • FREE Monthly Social Media Templates Delivered for You

  • FREE Lifetime Access to All Online Marketing Courses

  • Month by Month, no Long Term Contract



(save $1991 in Year 1, and $994 every year after!)

Additional Usage

  • Text: $0.015 ea.

  • Email: $0.004 ea.

  • Local Voicemail: $0.05 ea.

  • Toll-Free Number: $5 ea.

  • Toll-Free Minutes: $0.08 ea.

  • Toll-Free VM: $0.08 ea.

  • Local Number: $1.00 ea.

  • Local Minutes: $0.026 ea.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Kind Of Support Do You Provide?

Support is at the heart of everything we do so supporting you and your business is our top priority. We offer 24/7 email support as well as an easy-to-navigate comprehensive tutorial library for quick answers to your questions.

4. How Does Your Automation Work?

We provide comprehensive automation that will execute and automate workflows across your high-value business processes. Our smart campaigns will put SMS, Email, Web Chat, Phone Calls, and Calendar Appointments on autopilot.

2. How Do I Get Started?

Sign up for a demo and see how easy our platform makes business management. We hope you'll join us once you see how we can boost your business.

5. Can I Cancel My Account At Any Time?

You can cancel at any time. No need to worry about obligations or contracts.

3. How Secure Is My Customer Data?

In 2023, data privacy and security is every company's obligation. That's why we ensure compliance with all governing laws and regulations, as well as provide extra protection against security breaches.

6. What Platform Do You Integrate With?

Our integration spans across multiple platforms for simple and seamless automation. For non native integrations, we use Zapier to automate between over 2000 other applications with ease.

blog image

How Clinics are Diagnosing Their Healthcare Marketing Strategies

October 14, 20224 min read

It’s time to diagnose what the problem is with your healthcare clinic or business, that is preventing you from growing at the rate you want to (and need to), is causing you to overwhelm your team members and staff, and is allowing your competition to beat you. Let’s start your visit with a simple survey:

1. How do you feel about your current marketing campaigns?

a. Energized and motivated

b. It’s okay, I’ve seen worse

c. I’m frustrated, it’s not working

d. I have no idea what we’re doing

2. How much time are you spending on marketing activities each week?

a. More than 10 hours

b. 5-10 hours

c. 1-5 hours

d. I don’t have time for marketing, I’m too busy seeing patients/running the business!

3. How much money are you willing to invest in marketing each month?

a. $1000 or more

b. $500-$1000

c. $250-$500

d. I don’t have any money for marketing, we’re a small business/clinic

4. What is your primary goal for your marketing campaigns?

a. To attract new patients/customers

b. To retain existing patients/customers

c. To increase brand awareness

d. I don’t know, what should my goal be?

5. What tactics are you using to market your healthcare business?

a. Social media

b. Networking and referrals

c. Traditional advertising (print, radio, TV)

d. We don’t have a marketing plan, we just do what we’ve always done

If you answered ‘C’ or ‘D’ to any of the above questions, it’s time for a change. Marketing your healthcare business doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming, or expensive – but it does require a strategic approach. The good news is, we’ve got the secrets to powerful healthcare marketing, and we’re sharing them with you in this book.

Over the next few weeks, you will learn:

- How to create a marketing campaign that gets results

- How to use automation strategies to save you time

- How to craft an effective message

- Ways to market on a budget

- The best channels to reach your target market

- How to measure your marketing ROI

If you’re ready to jumpstart your healthcare marketing and grow your business, this blog series is for you. Let’s get started!

Creating an effective healthcare marketing campaign can feel like a daunting task, but with the right approach it can be surprisingly simple – and even fun! So get ready for some secrets to powerful healthcare marketing, so that you can create a campaign that gets results.

Healthcare marketing campaigns need to achieve three key objectives: attract new patients or customers, retain existing patients or customers, and increase brand awareness. To craft an effective message, start by identifying your target market – who are you trying to reach with your marketing campaign? Once you know your target market, you can determine the best channels to reach them. Healthcare marketing campaigns can be very effective when they use a mix of traditional and digital channels.

Some traditional healthcare marketing channels include print advertising (e.g. in magazines or newspapers), radio advertising, and television advertising. Healthcare businesses can also use more modern digital channels such as social media, email marketing, and website banner ads. It’s important to remember that not all channels will be equally effective for all businesses – it’s important to test different channels and see what works best for your particular business.

When planning your budget for a healthcare marketing campaign, it’s important to consider both the cost of creating the marketing materials (e.g. hiring a designer) and the cost of distributing the campaign (e.g. purchasing ad space). Make sure to also factor in the time required to plan and execute the campaign, as this will impact your overall budget.

Last but not least, don’t forget to measure your results! Healthcare marketing campaigns should be designed with measurable goals in mind, so that you can track your progress and ROI. By measuring your results, you can make adjustments to your campaign as needed and ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

So let’s jump in and figure out how to strategically do each of these things over the next few weeks!

If you’d like to get a jump start and download our FREE Digital Marketing eBook Bundle…you can do so by clicking here!


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